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The presence of feral horses in close proximity to roads has caused several recent collisions on Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Coast Roads that resulted in the immediate death of horses but fortunately resulted in no public injury.

To address this public safety issue, local land manager HQPlantations is leading the development of a feral horse management plan with the support of a multi-agency management committee. In addition to seeking the endorsement from the RSPCA and SEQ Brumby Association for the plan, HQPlantations would like to make sure it meets the road safety and horse welfare expectations of local communities.

To facilitate this, we are inviting six local representatives to join a Community Reference Group to contribute community perspectives to decision-making in preparation of the plan and its implementation by the management committee. We are seeking a mix of people who can represent local communities on either road safety, animal welfare or both. Please scroll down to complete the nomination form.

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